• 1st CenRaPS Conference on “Bangladesh in the 21st Century” Book of Abstracts

    1st CenRaPS Conference on “Bangladesh in the 21st Century”, which was held in Istanbul, on 22 August, 2020, was a very initial phase of scientific gathering on Bangladesh Studies. Although the conference was a small-scale organization, in fact it brought together a group of over 25 early career researchers from multiple countries, many of them are Master’s and PhD candidates, and conducting multidisciplinary studies from a variety of research areas including sociology, archaeology, history, anthropology, education, media studies, gender studies, international relations, and philosophy. A majority of these young scholars are conducting their major and partial research on Bangladesh or different international issues related to Bangladesh. Therefore, I believe the conference has been a vital event that based a platform where the early career scholars had wider scopes to exchange their new ideas, learn and share knowledge on key issues related to socio-culture, history, economy, foreign policy, security, education, media, gender and politics of Bangladesh.