Conference Program

1st CenRaPS Conference on “Bangladesh in the 21st Century”

22 August 2020

Istanbul, Turkey

Program Schedule


Opening Session: 7.50-7.59 (GMT)

Chief Guest: Assist. Prof. Dr. Ayhan Nuri Yılmaz , Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey


Session Title: Bangladesh: History and Culture

Session Chair: Asst. Prof. Dr. Abu B. Siddiq

Time: 8.00-9.25 (GMT)



Asst. Prof. Dr. Abu B. Siddiq

Bangladesh: A Potential Prehistoric Corridor between South and Southeast Asia

Asst. Prof. Ahsan Habib
Asst. Prof. Dr. Abu B. Siddiq

New Insights on the Ethno-religious Diversity in Bangladesh

Tahmina Akter Dipu
Al- Amin

War Heroines of 1971 of Bangladesh: How They Treated in our Society

Asst. Prof. Dr. Abu B. Siddiq

Importance of Studying Society and Culture in Medieval Bengal

Mohammad Mahmudul Hasan Khan

Role of Stakeholders in Heritage Management in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Mahasthangarh


Session Title: Foreign Policy and Security of Bangladesh

Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sultan Mahmud Rana

Time: 9.30-10.55 (GMT)



Niloufar Baghernia
Ebrahim Meraji

Understanding China’s Relationship with Bangladesh

Md. Rahamatullah

Climate Change and Blue Economy: Challenges and Possibilities Towards Sustainable Development of Bangladesh

Shamsul Haque

Impact of Climate Change in Bangladesh: An Ethically Defensible Framework for Policy and Decision Making

Michal Tengeri

Security Risks of Rohingya on National Security of Bangladesh

Md. Riyaz Uddun
Fazilatun Nesa

The Rohingya Refugee Crisis: Socio-Economic, Cultural and Environmental Impacts on Local Community in Bangladesh


Session Title: Economy and Policy

Session Chair: Assoc. Dr. Omar Faruque

Time: 11.00-12.25 (GMT)



Abdul Mahidud Khan
Adib Ahmed

Remittance Inflow and Foreign Exchange Reserve in the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Bangladeshi Economy

Syed Magfur Ahmad

Abdullah Al Mamun

Opportunities of Islamic FinTech: The Case of Bangladesh and Turkey

Nasruzzaman Naeem
Zobayer Ahmed

Globalization and the economy of Bangladesh in the 21st Century: Opportunities and Challenges.

Assist. Prof. Md. Ikhtiar Uddin Bhuiyan

Combating covid-19 in Bangladesh: Analyzing from policy perspective

Dr. Kahkashan Khan

Role and Major Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Gender Equality



Session Title: Education

Session Chair: Assist. Prof. Rafiq Lone

Time: 12.30-13.40 (GMT)



Assist. Prof. Rafiq Lone
Mushtaq Lone

Factors that make Bangladesh an Attractive Destination for Aspiring Medical Students from Kashmir

Muhammad Salahuddin

Progress and Problems of Primary Education in Bangladesh: A Snapshot of 50 Years

Md. Ramizul Islam
Md. Omar Faruk

Qawmi Madrasa Education in Bangladesh: Challenges in Modernization

Assist. Prof. Vikram Sharma

A Review on Self-Efficacy as an Efficacious Adolescence Growth Contrive


Session Title: Media, Gender and Politics

Session Chair: Assist. Prof. Dr. Md. Aliur Rahman

Time: 13.45-15.10 (GMT)



Halimatus Sadia
Md. Arman Sorif Jibon

Media Advertisement Representation of women’s Body Image and its Impacts of Society on Violence Against Women in Bangladesh

Moshiur Rahman

Sosyal Medyada Sahte Haber Üreticilerle Mücadele, Yalan Haberlere Yönelik Önlemler

Assit. Prof. Dr. Md. Aliur Rahman

Right to Information Act 2009 to Tackle Corruption in Bangladesh: Citizens’ Perception

Md. Hamza Kamal Mostafa

Cultural Politics of Censorship: Socio-political Ethos of Bangladesh

Assit. Prof. Md. Shamim
Assit. Prof. Dr. Md. Aliur Rahman

Gender Representation in Media: An Analysis of Select TVCs of Bangladesh


Closing and Evaluation Session

15.11-15.30 (GMT)